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The Pledge

Zhiyalu is a Chinese career-development company -unique in its kind- aiming at all professional working people in China who are interested in developing and maintaining their career. Their broad services range from career advice and -development to work & life management, and from helping clients find the job they want to information for employers & HRM managers.

The Turn

Yourzine developed Zhiyalu first online appearance ever, including the development of a complete online strategy and the creation a full service career development community website.

The Prestige

The community website Yourzine created provides career inspiration and through interviews, articles, and information. In addition, the website provides a range of tools and features to help the development of one’s career, such as online tests and advice by experts. Visitors can create their own online profiles, search for networking events and signup for the newsletter.

The website is not only very user-friendly with a lot of interesting content, it is also very easy to maintain by Zhiyalu due to the extensive content management system Yourzine build ‘behind’ the website. Additionally, Yourzine created an online campaign to make sure the website attracts many visitors by marketing efforts and other tools such as Search Engine Optimization. Zhiyalu keeps in touch with their members trough Yourzine’s Email Direct Marketing system Footprint.