Every year, The Association of Dutch SAP users (VNSG) organises an IT-Business Convention highlighting trends in business and showcasing SAP’s newest products . VNSG wanted to attract more decision makers to this event, providing a platform for direct communication and exchange of ideas.

The Pledge

For this B2B project, Yourzine created a major on-line campaign,, and designed, planned and executed this viral campaign from strategy to concept, from creation to implementation and analysis of the results. The campaign was designed in such a way that all results were measurable from start to finish, real time, enabling in-flight adjustments and optimization.

The Turn

The visitor of the campaign website is positioned in the leading role in an airy spy-thriller where he has to fend off envious competitors. Visitors experienced the story in an interactive way, participating in a game of questions and answers, deploying various online marketing tools such as video, mobile communication and personalized email, but also cross linking to LinkedIn and placement of trailers on YouTube.

Everyone who played the game was added to industry-specific mailing lists, providing relevant information about the conference and further incentives to attend and contribute. Tailor made webpages effectively sustained relevance.

The Prestige

Data generated during the viral game was managed through Yourzine’s advanced on-line campaigning platform and Google Analytics. The viral campaign deployed video, flash, short messaging, email and website personalization, content differentiation and on-line and off-line follow up.