The People's Insurance Company of China


The Pledge

PICC (The People's Insurance Company of China) is the number one property insurance company in China. They are the largest insurer of casualty insurance and are established in 2002. It is a government company. A major partner. PICC wanted to establish a high-end customer maintenance program.

The Turn

Yourzine proactively showed the advantages of the high-standard mailing software that Yourzine offers.

The Prestige

PICC explored the market carefully and wisely. A six months' orientation period preceded before PICC chose Yourzine. Yourzine pointed out the reliability, experience, and quality of the Yourzine software. PICC found Yourzine to be the best partner also because of the speed and efficiency that Yourzine stands for. Complex technicalities were seen as a challenge, not as an obstacle. Yourzine is proud to provide PICC with the Yourzine mailing system and with the training program that goes along with it.