NS Hispeed

NS Hispeed

The Pledge

NS (Dutch National Railways) wanted to generate attention for their brand NS Hispeed. Yourzine was asked to develop an online campaign to generate email addresses and to create brand awareness for NS Hispeed. For this effort, Yourzine developed a game called “Recognize the cities”.

The Turn

Yourzine did the full enforcement of the ‘Recognize the cities” game. The game started with an intro where a train came rushing in, for the benefit of the brand experience. For the purposes of the collection of email addresses, visitors of the website could only play the game if they inserted their e-mail address. By matching pictures with given cities in Europe, players learned where NS Hispeed was about. Competition was achieved by using a high score board; there are registered players who have played the game for hours!
In various ways traffic to the game was generated, in example by a tell-a-friend system that had a viral effect. The forward was encouraged by rewarding the players with bonus time (which created more chance to win the price; a city break to Paris).

The Prestige

Most players have been dealing with the game, hence the brand, for 1-3 minutes. Moreover, 100.238 new e-mail addresses were collected; the objective has been achieved! Currently, the acquired emails and files are used by NS to communicate events and offers from NS Hispeed.