Netherlands Alumni Network China

URL website:

The Pledge

Netherlands Alumni Network in China (NANC) is a non profit organization for all alumni who studied in the Netherlands and now live in China. NANC asked Yourzine to create a professional website that provides general visitors (potential NANC members) and NANC members with a location to easily connect with other members, find relevant information and register for NANC events.

The Turn

Yourzine developed a multi-lingual, user-friendly website where general information can easily be found and potential members can register online. NANC members can visit the special membership section, providing them with tools and information about NANC events (in example registering, leaving reviews, etc) and ways to connect with other NANC members. In example a message board, a forum and a photo gallery where members could upload their own pictures of NANC events. Furthermore, a business section has been build, which serves as a meeting place for companies and NANC members. Here they can find each other, offering career information, job vacancies and a list of networking events.

The Prestige

Since Yourzine build a Content Management System at the ‘back’ of the website, updates of the content and structure of the website can be done by NANC employees themselves. Besides all these new communication possibilities through the website, NANC stays in touch with its’ members by a periodical newsletter, using Yourzine’s unique email direct marketing product Footprint.