La Bastide

La Bastide
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The Pledge

La Bastide is a luxury holiday property in the Provence, France. The light and airy villa is comfortable and very luxurious, and has a rustic and relaxing atmosphere. La Bastide was in need of a website that reflected the scenery of the property, with an easy to use interface and a reservation area for interested customers.

The Turn

Yourzine China developed a website that was very visual on one hand, but that also gave a lot of easily accessible information on the other hand. By using many images of the villa and its’ surroundings, visitors of the website immediately get the feeling of the Provence and the villa. At the same time, all relevant information about the villa, its surroundings, location and prices can be found and accessed quickly.

The Prestige

Yourzine was able to build a flash website that was not only very visual but also easy to use. The pages load quickly and it is easy to navigate through the pages. La Bastide feels understood by Yourzine as the website reflects the villa’s appearance and senses. Reservations have gone up since the launch of the new website.