KLM/ Air France

KLM/ Air France
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The Pledge

KLM/ Air France is an European airline holding company incorporated under French law with its headquarters in Paris, France. It is the largest airline company in the world in terms of total operating revenues, and the third in the world in terms of passenger’s kilometers and passenger fleet size. KLM/Air France aimed for a constructive online dialogue with their customers.

The Turn

Yourzine created and offered the online survey and the online registration form for their frequent flyer program called FLYING blue.

The Prestige

Being the online marketing company with a connection to the Netherlands there immediately was a point of trust. Trust and assurance of knowledge. A high standard company such as KLM/Air France naturally seeks a high standard agency. Yourzine understood the importance of the partnership and also the importance of a qualitative dialogue. The designs for the online survey and the online registration form were found to be an ultimate mix of Western looks and Oriental target. For the product check, one can follow the link shown below.