The Pledge

EXIN (Examination Institute for Information Science) is a global, independent IT examination provider offering qualification programs for all kinds of IT subjects. It's EXIN's mission to improve the quality of the IT sector, the IT professionals and the IT users, by means of independent testing and certification. EXIN is a satisfied user of Yourzine’s e-mail marketing platform Footprint, not only in the Netherlands but also in Australia, Spain, the USA, Brazil, China and Japan. Yourzine China was asked to develop and localize their Chinese and Japanese websites, and also to take care of the local hosting of the websites.

The Turn

The websites are localized by adapting them to the culture and needs of the countries. For example, EXIN’s services and clients are presented in an unambiguous way, and the websites mainly focuses on the Chinese and Japanese market of IT education. Also, information for target groups is specified, and information on the website is automatically adapted to the geographic location of the website’s visitor, and target groups are distinct during interactive information exchange between the website and its visitor.

The Prestige

With the localization of the Chinese and Japanese EXIN website the usability of the websites increased, which was directly visible in the average time visitors spend on EXIN’s websites. Both Yourzine Europe and Yourzine China have become preferred IT suppliers of EXIN, and currently new projects for the future are determined.