European Union Chamber of Commerce in China

European Union Chamber of Commerce in China
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The Pledge

The European Chamber serves member companies by being the voice of European business in China: providing a channel of communication with high-level Chinese and European political and economic circles; as well as monitoring and reporting on China's market access and lobbying on trade related issues.

The Turn

Yourzine closely examined the membership databases of it's different chapters and tailor made it readily useable for online marketing purposes.

The Prestige

Together with EUCCC's specialists Yourzine analyzed the membership files of the different Chapters en the existing channels for signing up. After analysis and a thorough clean up it left a membership file that could be managed in the Yourzine application. All existing channels for new sign ups from the Chapters were connected to a uniform sign up. This procedure is managed by Yourzine. Next, the Yourzine application was set up for all employees of EUCCC in the seven Chapters. From HQ in Beijing a general weekly EUCCC newsletter is sent to all members and parties of interest. Next to that all sign up flows for events and workshops from the Chapters are going through the Yourzine systems. The offered solution delivered a powerful and effective channel for communication. An efficiency boost was made in the field of database-management especially. Beforehand this was a nontransparent and therefore time-consuming activity. Within the new constructions all processes run smoothly and swiftly by which the focus has moved to where it belongs; communication.