China International Business Magazine


The Pledge

China International Business is the fastest-growing and most highly regarded English language business magazine in China, occurring monthly both offline and online. CIB Magazine asked Yourzine to review their online activities and suggest improvements that can be made to their online presence.

The Turn

After an extensive review of CIB’s online activities, Yourzine suggested tying CIB’s offline and online activities and cross-over offline and online content. By strengthening the online-offline relationship, traffic and readership will increase for both channels. Yourzine recommended several tools and features how to connect offline and online and how to reach synergy effects, in example by adding online content to offline articles, and asking readers online feedback about the latest issue. Furthermore, improvements for the website’s design and content were given, and a strategy to achieve more traffic to the website was proposed. Yourzine suggested using its unique Email Direct Marketing product Footprint, to send out and track back target group specific email newsletters.

The Prestige

CIB was very content with Yourzine’s evaluation of their online activities and improvement suggestions. This resulted in several projects Yourzine will perform for CIB Magazine. Yet, we have taken the first steps in carrying out the long term online strategy to generate more traffic to the website; Footprint, Yourzine’s EDM product, is prepared and ready to be used by CIB Magazine. In the near future, Yourzine will start improving the website and work out the Search Engine Optimization plan.