The Pledge

Campina is one of the leading dairy producers in The Netherlands and Europe. Campina takes care of the whole process, from the cow in the field to the final product which you'll find in stores all across the world. This chain of process requires a high level marketing department. Campina wanted to create a visual tool for the marketing department to access all the different documents, guides and presentations that are used by Campina employees all across Europe. The files needed to be accessed through normal intranet file browser systems

The Turn

Yourzine proposed the idea of creating a Flash application that would visualize the marketing theory within Campina and at the same time provide an easy tool for finding the right files.

The Prestige

Challenges such as deadlines, time-zones, local holidays, complex modifications and dynamics didn’t stop Yourzine China to create a top quality Flash product that lived up to the high standard set by Campina. The tool now fully runs with Campina’s intranet Radar and does exactly what was envisioned at the start of the project: it guides employees of the Campina marketing department to the right documents and files in a visually beautiful but still swift way. It helps them to work more effectively and find exactly what they're looking for while at the same time showing and reminding how the flow of Campina marketing works.